MIDI Collaborations

Updated May 24, 2009, with an effort by me and Patrick May.

Music copyrighted 2009 by Daniel Rowe, David Rowe, Rami Moscovich, Keith Bramich, Jerome Courtemanche, and Patrick May.

If you would like to collaborate on a tune, please contact me, and I will try my best.

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"Sanosu", with Patrick May

"Rawkslow", with David Rowe

"Ifre", with David

"F&up", also with David

"Grove", with Rami Moscovich

"Dreamlanding", with Rami

"Achmad", with Rami

"Frame" with Rami

"Jamda", with Rami

"Grumpy", with Keith Bramich

"Ipser", with Jerome Courtemanche