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Updated December 20, with an arrangement of "Greensleeves". (aka "What Child Is This?") Also, three originals: "Space Place", "Wise Blood", and "Tara".
The Cadenza MIDI Diary has more originals of mine (including mp3s). Enjoy the other tracks there, as well. Another great site that features my music is Laura's MIDI Heaven.



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Here are some newer originals.

"Space Place"

"Wise Blood"



"Green Man"

"Hand Solo"




"Star Whackers"



"Remains of the Day"



"Raisin' Cain"








"Kokin Joshi"






"Witchful Thinking"

"Lucky Sevens"

"Village Life"

"Kelly B"

"The Shepherdess"


"Open Circle"


"Horror Scope"


"The Lost Land"


"Doohick Dance"

"Fare You Well"

"The Pure Land"

"Crack of Noon"

These originals are over ten years old, but people seem to like them.



"Ganymede Shuffle"

"Hungry Ghost"

"Mister Ree"



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